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We are indie developers and we would like to introduce our games that you can play for free on your mobile phones.

Flower Sort Puzzle

Flower Sorting Puzzle is a simple logical colorful game for brain training. No time limit, just daily challenges to solve. Enjoy many levels and quizzes to solve.

Galaxy Raiders Cards

Galaxy Raiders is a simple offline card game, without building deck, without time limit, just play. The goal is simple - destroy the opponent's red base, which is protected by the space shields.

King Jister 1

King Jister is pixel art text adventure game in czech language. Just solve all puzzles and win the game.

King Jister 2

King Jister is pixel art text adventure game in czech language. Just solve puzzles in second level and win the game.

Flower Sort Puzzle - Solved Levels

Are you having trouble solving any of the levels? Let us know and contact us or share unsolved level from application.

Daily Challenge

Date Levels Top Score Status
Challenge 04.07.2022 Level 6-14 2124
Challenge 03.07.2022 Level 6-14 2213
Challenge 02.07.2022 Level 6-14 2095
Challenge 01.07.2022 Level 6-14 2245

Daily Challenge - Months

Month Dates Levels Status
June 2022 Challenge 01. - 30. 06.2022 Level 6-14
May 2022 Challenge 01. - 31. 05.2022 Level 6-14
March 2022 Challenge 01. - 30. 04.2022 Level 6-14

Game Mode

Game number Levels Status
Game 1-71 Level 6
Game 1-24 Level 7
Game 1-40 Level 8
Game 1-14 Level 9
Game 1-11 Level 10
Game 1-10 Level 11
Game 1-14 Level 12
Game 1-434 Level 13
Game 1-412 * see unsolved levels below Level 14

Speed Run Game

Game num Level Moves Time Top Score Status
Game 49 Level 6 18 00:03 715

Unsolved games

Here you can find games, which we didn't solve. If you solve these levels, we will be very happy if you will share it with us. Thanks a lot for help.

Game number Levels Status
Game 245 Level 14
Game 313 Level 14

We are small indie family developer. Try out free logical and puzzle games for mobile devices Apple iOS and Android.

We love developing games! And you?
  • Flower Sort Puzzle
  • Annie's Math for Kids
  • Galaxy Raiders Cards
  • Pixel Boy's Adventures
  • King Jister 1
  • King Jister 2
    Flower Sort Puzzle
    Color sorting game with Daily challenges and Game Mode with endless puzzles to solve.
  • 3/2022 COMING SOON!
    King JISTER 3
    We are working on new LEVEL of King Jister Saga. Stay tuned!
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